safety information

SAFETY IS OUR #1 GOAL! As a parents of children ourselves, we emphasize safety first in everything that we do. This is why we've partnered with FIN FUN, the #1 USA mermaid tail manufacturer, to provide SAFE + FUN mermaid tails and shark fins. 

FIN FUN mermaid tails, monofins + shark fins meet the Child Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements for the USA (as well as Australian ACCC requirements). FIN FUN uses only the highest quality, lightweight, stretchable materials that allow mermaids & mer-sharks to have fun without weighing them down. FIN FUN mermaid tails and mono fins also have key safety design features: 

Swimming in Fin Fun tails can be learned very quickly with just a bit of practice. Mermaid Barbados Founder & Instructor Solange has years of experience swimming competitively and life guarding in the USA & Canada, She believes swimmers under 6 years old should not use a tail with a monofin, and instead should use realistic looking monofin free toddler tails, Swimmers should also be able to pass a mermaid tail readiness test by completing 6 essentials swimming skills unassisted as listed and shown in the video below:

  1. float on back: Able to safely relax/rest in the water when tired.
  2. float on front: Able to maitain proper breathing in the water. 
  3. roll from front float to back float: Able to turn over, maintain control and be comfortable in the water
  4. tread water for 1 minute: This is a fitness test. 
  5. swim 25 meters: Able to breath unassisted during the swim with no help from the pools sides!
  6. swim 25 meters using dolphin kick: This is the basic movement required to swim in a mermaid tail. Swimmers should be competent at it before mermaiding.